Application Instructions for Freshmen Candidates

(1) Application for Admission which includes a wallet-size photograph and a $50.00 application fee which covers a small portion of processing the application and which is non-refundable.

(2) Official High School Transcript. Candidates must file a transcript of work. Such a transcript should include an interpertation of the grading system and a clear designation of honors and/or Advanced Placement courses.

(3) Three Confidential Letters of Reference. Confidential reports are to be sent directly to the Registrar's Office at Cohen University.

(4) Admissions Interview. This is a time period for the exchange of questions and information between the student and interviewer, who may be an Admissions staff member. An interview gives the candidate an opportunity to learn first-hand how Cohen suits his/her interests.

Application Instructions for Transfer Standing

Students are considered for transfer standing if they have completed the equivalent of at least one year's full-time college work at the time of enrollment at Cohen (a minimum equivalent of six Cohen courses). Students who will have completed less than one academic year at another college should apply for freshman standing. All transfer students must spend a minumum of four semesters in full-time regular standing at Cohen University in order to receive the B.A. degree. A student may not transfer more than 60 semester credits towards the 139 required semester credits.

In evaluating transfer applications, the Admissions Committee places considerable weight on the nature and quality of the previous college record. Where the college transcripts does not indicate clearly the quality of work (e.g., a large number of "pass/no" courses), it is the applicant's responsibility to provide supplementary information on which the Admissions Committee can make its decision.

Credit granted for work taken at other institutions is determined by the Registrar's Office after the candidate has been admitted. Course credit is normally transferable if: (1) the prior college is accredited, (2) the course carries a grade of "C" or better, and (3) the course is comparable to a course taught at Cohen. Cohen faculty members may be consulted on the question of course comparability and the candidate may be asked to submit catalog course descriptions, syllabi, and reading lists in addition to complete transcripts.

The forms, fees, and supporting credentials are the same for transfer students as they are for incoming freshman.